Thursday, March 26, 2009

Testing FreeMind - SBT2

File' Menu Tour and explore the functionalities in 'File' Menu.

Build 0.8.1
OS Vista Home Basic
Strategy Exploration & Analysis

26/03/09 06:10am

M.V. Manoj

medium 65 mins



#1. File
- New
- Open...
- Save
- Save As...
- Revert
- Create Encrypted Map
- Close
- Export
- Import
- Page Setup...
- Print...
- Most Recent Files
- Quit

#2. Tried all short cut options given within File Menu, they are working fine.

#3. New / Open / Save ./ Save As ... is working properly

#4. Revert -> moves the Map to last saved state.

#5. Close / Quit / Most recent Files working properly.

#6. Need to look into following observations(Potential Defects) in 'Print dialog' to confirm -:
(i) On Print dialog, Print Range -> Pages, values '1 to 9999' is set by default irrespective of no.of pages in the Map.
(ii)On Print Dialog, Print Range -> Pages, One of the boundaries for Pages are '0' and '9999'; but number entry is restricted to 5 digits. Why not restricted to 4 digits when '9999' is max.
(iii)On Print Dialog, Page Range -> Pages, the 'To' field accepts blank. Why so?

#7. Couldn't test Import and Export functionalities as I need to know more about 'Branches', 'Linked Branch' and 'root'.

#8. Upon clickin on 'Page Setup' -> 'Print Scaling' dialog opens. I suspect it is not working. - Testing further, 'Print zoom factor' for which range is given as (0.0 - 2.00) is taking any value upto 5 digits. It is also taking alphabets. - 'Print Scaling' is accepting the value and implementing the scale if the range is given between 0.00 to 2.00. Values beyond this range it is neglecting.

#9. Click on 'Create Encrypted Map ...' , if the password is short it gives out a message box. 'too' is misspelt as 'to' in the msg.

#10. Click on 'Create Encrypted Map ...' , opens a "Choose password for encrypted node" dialog. Not sure whether encryption can be done at node level or can also be done at Map level too. Also noted discripency between functionality name and dialog title.

#11. Once I have encrypted a node, I am not asked for 'password' when I try to edit or add siblings and the lock remains. How the node can be decrypted, will have to figure out. (Need to investigate if this is a Issue)


#1. Presses on 'Alt' + alphabets, there are only two shortcuts for Top Menus ('Alt + F' -> File and 'Alt + M' -> Map). Other Top Menus doesn't have Shortcut Keys.

#2. Open a Saved Map, add child nodes etc. and click on 'Revert' from File Menu. It takes the Map to last saved state but it changes the Mode to Browse. Upon going back to MindMap mode, the Map is in closed state and one has to re-open the Map for further working.

#3. Clickin on 'Page Setup' -> 'Print Scaling', 'Print zoom factor' for which range is given as (0.0 - 2.00) is taking upto 99999 (5 digit values). It is also taking alphabets. But it is neglecting any inputs outside the range 0.0 to 2.00. Then why allow users to input values outside the range.


Adam White said...

M.V.Manoj - saw your post on testing freemind. I did some sessions on testing freemind a while back. I did them with a collegue.

Was wondering if you'd like to share experiences. We could put them on your blog or just exchange emails.

M.V.Manoj said...

Hi Adam,

Welcome to my blog. It is a Very Pleasant Surprise to see you here. I have seen your blog and am extremely impressed with the work you are doing.

I was struck with combination of couple of Corporate Workshops and bad health, so is this delay in reply. Sorry for that.

I am definitely willing to share my experience with you. Will mail you soon.